Organized by dedicated and industry-experienced entrepreneurs, Milbridgehistoricalsociety works to spread awareness and promote interdisciplinary scholarship in the sectors of business and economic history.

This website is developed primarily to encourage the practice of integrating historical perspectives in addressing current issues and challenges that businesses are commonly facing.

We believe that learning and understanding the history of organizations and other business firms can have a dramatic impact on the success and the ability of businesses to remain competitive and agile despite the challenges present in today’s market.

A burgeoning discipline, business history is all about investigating and gaining a deeper and profound understanding of the different organizations and firms, the leaders and people behind them, and the workers, and their contributions as well as the way they are affected by politics, economy, and society as a whole.

Milbridgehistoricalsociety lives up to our organization’s objective to strengthen and raise the status and value of business history among business firms and organizations. We support research and teaching and exchange of information in business history, which is a critical component for business developments and economic growth.

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Our organization is composed of business professionals, economists, industry innovators, historians, and social scientists located throughout the United States. All of us share the same passion and interest in interdisciplinary scholarship, as well as the development and enhancement of business and management.

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